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Clinical Data Management training in Hyderabad provided by GenSol Healthcare. We provide Pharma trainings based on corporates standards that helps students to be prepare for industries. Clinical Data Management (CDM) is provided for candidates with any degree who have an interest in developing their career in the area of Clinical Data Management.GenSol Provide highest quality and reflect industry articulated goals. GenSol Healthcare aims to provide an efficient integration of academic knowledge and industry oriented expertise.A clinical data management professional should have the potential to meet the requirements of the projects they are in with high proficiency and autonomy. As a Clinical Data Management professional, they have to review, analyse and validate clinical trial data to ensure consistency, integrity and accuracy based on project specific guidelines. They will be involved in querying data discrepancies, draft or revise case report forms in compliance with the protocol, and standard operating procedures of the sponsor as well as the regulatory guidelines. They should have an in depth knowledge on data retrievals and generating summaries.Clinical Data Management involves apt procedures that are followed for entering, verifying, validating & further reviewing of the gathered data during a clinical trial. The kind of data managed during clinical trials is mostly related to the safety & efficacy of the drug, device or biologic that is under study. The data that arrives from clinical research centers such as hospitals or healthcare clinics are case report forms and those that arrive from clinical laboratories are non-case report forms. In Clinical Data Management, one needs to collect & validate both these types of clinical trial data & conduct its quality assurance in order to ensure that the data is error free. The clinical research(CR) industry works in the epicenter of web-based systems as many online tools are used to manage this data. This online course provides students & professionals an overview of Oracle Clinical (OC) which is considered to be the gold standard in data management.There is need and high demand for trained man-power with knowledge of good CDN practices, clinical trial designs, adverse events, audits, data management tools etc. This course has been extensively developed & is industry focused which aids in providing career opportunities in clinical data management. This program is suggested to students & professionals who would be interested to pursue a career or hold a specialization in this domain.

Clinical Data Management Course Training Content & Syllabus & Modules

  • Loading... Introduction to CDM
  • Loading... Data collection instruments
  • Loading... CRF designing elements
  • Loading... Paper based CRF designing
  • Loading... Data Entry, remote data entry
  • Loading... Electronic data Capture
  • Loading... e-CRF designing
  • Loading... Data quality management plan
  • Loading... Data Validation
  • Loading... Query management
  • Loading... OpenClinica - Role based access as Monitor
  • Loading... OpenClinica- Role based access as Data manager
  • Loading... OpenClinica - Study creation and designing
  • Loading... OpenClinica CRF designing
  • Loading... OpenClinica metadatae
  • Loading... MedDRA
  • Loading... Annotated CRFs
  • Loading... CDISC SDTM
  • Loading... Overview Oracle clinica

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