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Clinical Research training in Hyderabad provided by GenSol Healthcare. GenSol Healthcare nurtures and creates an environment of learning in all specialized domains of clinical research so as to gain adequate knowledge of the industry and the complex regulations of the clinical research sector. GenSol Healthcare imparts one-of-its-kind, efficient integration of academic knowledge and industry oriented expertise.
Clinical Research is a lucrative career option and infinite in career opportunities. It is and also is a very good option for freshers or working professionals. Both CROs and hospitals (where clinical research is conducted) demands huge number of well qualified and trained clinical research professional. As it is an industry requiring massive manpower, there are high prospects in business development, investigation, reporting and research. GenSol Healthcare ensures assistance to fresher's in order to enter into clinical research industry with confidence, and working professionals are guided to achieve higher role in the industry effectively and efficiently.
The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is experiencing a sea change worldwide with more impetus on innovation and personalized medicine. The business models are maturing to the next level of niche busters and towards a coexistence of novel and the age old blockbuster strategies. With the economic drift and emerging economies like India, China,United States Russia and Brazil, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is shifting research and development towards these regions especially in the phases of clinical development. Further, indigenous pharmaceutical and biotech companies in these regions are increasing their R&D efforts both for innovative molecules as well as the generic market.
GenSol Healthcare Institute, through a variety of high quality clinical research training courses,is committed to developing emerging professionals for the clinical research industry who are equipped with the most relevant and latest knowledge and expertise.
GenSol Healthcare Clinical Research(CR) Course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the core areas of the clinical research process and enhance your skills and knowledge to the level expected of a Clinical Research Associate / Professional. The professional Clinical Research Course curriculum is totally reviewed by the Clinical Research Industry and the academia thus imparting students the edge that they require to make an entrance in the clinical research industry. It also empowers the professionals working in CR industry with the skills and knowledge to move to higher cadres in the management hierarchy.

Clinical Research Course Training Content & Syllabus & Modules

  • Loading... Introduction to Clinical Research
  • Loading... Introduction to Drug Development Process
  • Loading... Different phases of Clinical trials
  • Loading... Designs in Clinical Research
  • Loading... Roles & responsibilities of study team
  • Loading... Informed consent process
  • Loading... Investigator’s Brochure
  • Loading... Ethics in Clinical Research
  • Loading... ICH guidelines and ICH-GCP
  • Loading... CDSCO GCP
  • Loading... Schedule Y
  • Loading... ICMR general principles
  • Loading... Investigator’s Brochure
  • Loading... Essentials of Protocol Development
  • Loading... Study start up process
  • Loading... Roles and responsibilities IEC/IRB: Understanding the Review Process
  • Loading... Essential documents in Clinical Research
  • Loading... Monitoring a Clinical trial

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